Leading-edge automotive applications & software development

We’ve partnered with a number of disruptive startups and established automotive titans to pioneer new connected automotive platforms. From real time, risk analysis insights to connected mobile apps that track, monitor and diagnose your car’s behavior, we have extensive automotive industry experience.

Automotive mobile applications are revolutionizing the industry

Automotive companies increasingly look to provide mobile apps and connected telematics solutions to add value to their brand and convenience for their drivers. We’ve built a variety of telematics solutions specializing in automotive mobile applications and web applications.

With experience and expertise in both in-car and out of car experiences, we understand the balance of brand continuity and simplified interfaces that offer minimal distraction while on the road.

Innovative advantages across multiple platforms

Our automotive software and mobile app development allows automotive companies to provide consumers with useful and innovative advantages across multiple platforms. Some of the mobile apps we have developed and designed for the automotive industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile Bluetooth and mobile use applications
  • GPS systems and voice recognition applications
  • Fuel consumption information applications
  • Weather and road conditions applications
  • Driver safety and analytics applications
  • Car maintenance applications
  • Music and media player applications

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