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We have recognized incredible opportunities to advance the experience of healthcare software and healthcare app development by connecting ubiquitous technologies such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), patient management portals and medical practice management software on desktops and mobile devices.

We have taken advantage of bluetooth technologies to create device connected applications (IOT) that allow for remote monitoring of patients and streamlining the patient experience as a whole. Our healthcare application development experience spans from employer wellness programs, to payor systems and portals, to clinical applications that are customized to maximize a provider's time. We can provide front-end and back-end interoperability with billing, insurance, healthcare coding schemes, e-prescribing, legacy systems, and more.

Our healthcare app development project with DizzyDocs showing how their web and mobile apps are working across multiple devices
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Revolutionary remote vertigo diagnosis

DizzyDoctor is a web and mobile medical device solution that allows for remote diagnosis of benign paroxyxmal positional vertigo. The system uses the camera and positional sensors in an iPhone to compare eye movement to head movement.

Video of the eye is analyzed live on the iPhone and the position of the pupil is detected and its movement tracked. Patients can use in-app purchasing to make the analyzed video available to their physician.

Why Seamgen?

Our software development team has extensive experience in developing and integrating with Practice Management and EMR applications, and our Quality Assurance team is well versed in the needs of HIPAA requirements of healthcare software and mobile application testing. We transform the current landscape of cumbersome in office activities (forms, scanning, wait times) into streamlined applications that make daily office tasks efficient, and interactive patient experiences. Patient management software and mobile apps connect physicians and patients facilitating better communication, transparency and relationships. The solutions we’ve architected have been proven to be much easier to manage, improving profitability, and leading advancement toward a better healthcare future.

Aldera desktop showing our healthcare application development project and end result with them
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Reimagined portal experience

Aldera provides technology solutions to insurance carriers and benefits programs. We reimagined their member portal experience by taking a more user-centric approach. This was accomplished by using natural language and an intuitive interface to effectively explain complex medical and insurance terminology. The white-label application is built on a flexible design language to accommodate multiple brands and subscribers to Aldera’s exclusive platform. Check out the case study here.

Enterprise technology integrations

We have created complete Care Delivery Platforms (EMR), integrations with SureScripts for ePrescribing, LabCorp for ordering tests, and integrations to EPIC and Centricity using HL7 messaging. We are well versed in Pharmacy Management and have also created medication reconciliation applications that consume data from Hospitals, clinics and PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Management) feeds to have a since source of patient data.

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Image of computer showing a patient’s complete chart, which can be built by our healthcare development web and mobile app team
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Patient care delivery platform reinvented

WellMed’s CDP is dedicated to providing quality patient care with a focus on prevention. We integrated multiple systems to deliver an Electronic Medical Record closely aligned with Medicare Advantage plans. This comprehensive overhaul included a master patient index, claims system, practice management system, CMS data, and a custom predictive engine for diagnosis. Developed over a 3 year period and delivered in 2011, this system is still providing value and in use today.

Healthcare technology experts

Technology has improved the flow of information and streamlined data recording. These improvements, although no doubt beneficial, come with a strict set of standards. Our team at Seamgen provides expertise in healthcare software and application development – making HL7, X12, ADT, and all other standards work for you. We set your technology stakeholders up for satisfaction by developing plans for software, mobile apps, infrastructure, security, interoperability, and data warehousing. We excel at optimizing both the constraints and specifications that your company will ultimately need to support. HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use applications are our areas of expertise.

We have extensive experience in both front-end and back-end healthcare application development to bring together intuitive health experiences. Check out what we did for Blue Shield of California.

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Two white iPhones showing a healthcare application development platform and how well it can work
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Pharmacy discount benefits

ScriptSave WellRX prescription discount card is accepted at thousands of pharmacies across North America. The app allows users to compare live medication prices to find the best deal within their region. Savings are instantaneous. Users simply show their savings card each time they fill or refill a prescription. Savings average 45% per prescription, with potential savings of up to 80%*, and all prescription medications are eligible for savings.

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