Here at Seamgen, we love anything and everything that has to do with apps. As March slowly comes to an end, we wanted to bring you the best iOS apps to date in the first quarter of 2017.

Hundreds of apps come in and out of the app store every week; however, we think that these 7 apps won’t be leaving your iPhone anytime soon.

1) RunGo

Still working on your New Year’s resolution? We hope so!

RunGo is an essential app if you are a jogger trying to navigate through new places.

With a built-in voice navigator and running tracker, you’ll never get lost while you’re burning those calories.

Users can save their favorite routes, or upgrade to premium, and get the local favorites with safe and scenic runs.

For more information on RunGo, jog on over to their website.

2) Adobe Photoshop Fix

Photoshop is one of the more well-known photo editing programs, and a must-have for photographers.

Although Adobe doesn’t seem to have any plans on releasing the full program on mobile anytime soon, we are getting bits and bits of it.

With this app, users can harness Adobe Photoshop’s powerful editing skills right on their phone. Features include: restoring, retouching, lightening, smoothing, and much more.

Save the photo right onto your phone or send it to your desktop (Creative Cloud customers only) for further editing.

3) Google Trips

Caught the travel bug? Google Trips has you covered.

With this app, planning vacations just became a whole lot easier, as users can keep track of hotels, airlines, and destinations–all in one app.

Google Trips also lets you wield the power of its search engine to find popular locations, as well as track time and distance.

Also, the app works offline, so you won’t be stuck at a sketchy hostel without WiFi.

For more information about this app, visit their website here.

4) Workflow

best ios apps

“Spend less taps, get more done” – Workflow

This one is for the people who love customizing their phones and want the ease of automation.

Workflow is an app that lets you personalize your iPhone and combine multiple shortcuts into one simple action.

Complete tasks without opening an app. Workflow aims to maximize efficiency in your day to day activities.

The app is available on multiple platforms, such as the iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch.

Learn more about this app by visiting their website here.

5) TrueCaller

best ios apps

With TrueCaller, say goodbye to spam callers.

After downloading the app, TrueCaller will turn red every time a spam caller tries to contact you.

It will even identify what type of spam/scam is calling you, and will block it.

TrueCaller also has a feature that lets users see if their contact is in a call, and the app can notify you to call them later.

Check out their website here.

6) Splittable 

best ios apps

Splittable is an expense tracking app geared towards college students living with roommates.

Reduce arguments and financial tension by keeping track of what needs to be paid.

With its user-friendly interface, Splittable organizes expenses by placing them into specific categories.

Splittable also has an “All Squared Meter” that allows you to see all the expenses you and your roommates have paid for.

7) Notes on Blindness VR

This is a very unique addition to our list. Experience the documentary of John Hull, a man who slowly loses his sight and has to embrace blindness.

Using original audio diaries, follow John Hull as he narrates his experience with losing his sight and the use of virtual reality technology. The environment that users experience will be built through multiple layers of sound.

For more information on this phenomenal project, visit their website here.

Thank you!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best iOS apps of Q1 2017! For more content on the latest tech trends and San Diego startups, be sure to check out our other articles.

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