During Apple’s WWDC 2015 event, Craig Federighi briefly spoke on iOS 9’s new features that included significant improvements to Maps, News and especially Notes. They didn’t, however, speak much about the design in iOS 9. It has been a few weeks since its official release, and there are a few iOS 9 design changes that we think you should know about.

Here are some subtle changes that Apple introduced to create a better user experience. The first design change you may notice is the switch from Helvetica Neue to a custom typeface called San Francisco. Apple Watch owners will be familiar with the San Francisco font as it was first introduced on the Apple Watch. Unless you have text from iOS 8 and iOS 9 side by side you probably would not notice the difference, but those lovers of Helvetica may be disappointed. In iOS 9 Apple has focused more on clean lines and more widely-spaced typography, which in turn gives more space around text compared to previous versions. Double tapping your home button brings up a redesigned app switcher. The redesign layers the apps on top of each other and provides you a three-quarters view of the app. The aesthetics is cleaner and allows you to transition smoothly between the apps you have open. A design change that many have been waiting for is the new “Back Button” that is now on iOS 9.iOS 9 DesignIf you are in your messages and click a link into a separate app, in the upper lefthand corner of your screen, the wifi/carrier signal display disappears and a “Back to (app name)” button appears. No more going to the app switcher! A small iOS 9 design tweak that makes the user experience much more pleasant. The in-app back button is one that Apple should have implemented years ago but better late than never.

Apple didn’t completely redesign iOS 9 like they did with iOS 7. They made minor changes to their font style, they added more space around text for a cleaner look, revamped their app switcher layout and provided us with an in-app “Back Button” where if we jump from one app back to the previous app. The changes may be minor, but they provide their customers with what they hope to be a better user experience. When customers enjoy the products they are using, they tend to remain loyal to that company that is a recipe for lasting success. Need help with design and development work? Or have questions about User Experience? Contact Seamgen!