Yes, we all know that Jeff Bezos master plan is to take over the world, and this month he made some major moves with Amazon to accomplish his ultimate goal of world domination.

Okay, maybe I’m sounding a little drastic, but Amazon’s recent advances has everyone talking. We don’t believe that Amazon is going to take over the world anytime soon, but we do want to recognize the four power moves Amazon has made over the course of the past month.

1. The Whole Foods Acquisition

Amazon broke the internet when it acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 billion dollars. It sent shocks around the world as Amazon agreed to pay $42 a share in cash for the natural grocery store chain.

With access to brick and mortar shops across the U.S., Bezos and his team now has a base of operations to carry out years of experiments on how to expand their control of the actual commerce market.

2. Imitating Blue Apron

We are already witnessing the power of prime delivery, and Amazon this month took it one step further by creating its very own food meal kits delivery.

If you are thinking you have heard of this idea before, you are not wrong. Amazon is trying to completely push out the mealkit providers like Blue Apron out of the industry.

BlueApron, the largest meal kit provider in the U.S., saw its shares dive fall as Amazon’s new ambition encroaches on their territory.

3. Instagram or Amazon?

Blue Apron wasn’t the only target this last month for the Amazon to chase after. The tech giant is starting to dabble in the social media space by creating a new type of Instagram.

Meet Amazon Spark. It’s like if Instagram and the Amazon marketplace had a baby with a heart of pure capitalism. It basically has all the functionalities of Instagram, but it’s main purpose is to get people to buy more stuff. Take the picture below for instance.

power moves amazon

It’s a really trendy picture of someone surfing, but it was posted by a wetsuit company. The main goal of the picture is to have consumers think, “Oh, I need that wetsuit.” Well that’s where Spark allows you segway into the prime store and allow you to buy a wetsuit.

4. Teaming up with Sears

The final piece to Amazon’s huge month comes with a major shock to the brick and mortar appliance retail stores. Sears signed a deal with Amazon to now sell their appliances on the e-commerce marketplace. While Sears saw its shares rise, other appliance stores who haven’t partnered with Amazon yet such as Home Depot, Best Buy, and Lowe’s saw huge drops in their stock prices.


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