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HTML5 / Javascript development for today’s complex applications

The maturity of HTML5 has changed the web development landscape. Single page applications built on robust Javascript frameworks, like Angular, ReactJS, and Polymer allow developers to create robust, feature rich web applications that typically would only be found with desktop applications.

We understand the pace at which technology moves. For this reason we constantly re-educate ourselves on the new frameworks. Using responsive design and robust CSS, we build highly engaging cross-platform and cross-browser web based applications that span desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Our development philosophy is simple: keep the front-end development de-coupled from specific server technologies (like Java .NET, Node, …), and communicate using web services (typically REST/JSON based). This allows us to create mock services and add robust client side testing to our applications. We also have experience with numerous server-side technologies (see below), allowing us to transform existing applications in a timely fashion.

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Driver management system

System design, architecture, and build (AngularJS, .NET, MSSQLServer) Lytx is a driver analytics company that captures data from tens of billions of miles driven to improve fleet safety and compliance. Video from fleet vehicles is analyzed and along with real-time data from onboard sensors, fuel usage and vehicle speed information, is transformed into a driver scorecard. We then leverage that data through a user friendly interface to provide actionable, and personalized coaching insights.

Scalable backend services

To keep up with the requests, our back end systems use a microservices based architecture and deployed using the latest cloud technologies, allowing for instant scalability. Our expert team of software developers have cutting edge experience creating robust web services using Java, .NET, and NodeJS, and deploying those services in a scalable fashion using elastic container technologies.

Analytics and data are also important. To provide the insights you need we integrate data capture at all levels of an application, and can work across many forms of data storage. Our database experts excel in SQL, NoSQL and big data solutions.

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Ecommerce retailer

Member based commerce

While not as complex as some enterprise systems, e-commerce sites do contain many requirements that are imperative to the end user's experience. However, due to familiarity we all have with these systems, we focused our time on exploratory testing. Automated Testing for the most critical areas of the site such as adding to cart and checking out were a critical role in our strategy. A wide variety of cross browser and device testing were at the forefront of the testing plan.

Enterprise technology integrations

We understand the need to integrate with third party systems. Our solutions have integrated with CMS systems, CRM’s (like Salesforce.com), eCommerce systems, Payment processors, POS systems, Lab and Pharmacy systems, legacy systems, and more.

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Why Seamgen?

Our custom software development team has extensive experience in developing JavaScript based web applications. We develop engaging enterprise quality applications for both startups and industry leading companies, spanning Healthcare, Entertainment, to Automotive. We specialize in using Angular, ReactJS, Polymer, Bootstrap CSS, LESS, to create the most robust and intuitive user interfaces, while at the same time architecting cloud based solutions that have proven to be much easier to manage.

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