The Team

Pixel Perfection Meets Technical Expertise

There are a lot of agencies that do what we do. They share the same what but not the same how. We're minds and makers with business sense and creative chops, set out to connect people with what matters most - the experience. Since our humble beginnings in 2008 we've been spending each day doing so by sharpening the tools of the digital trade.

The lifeblood of Seamgen is our people. As a passionate team of strategists, creatives, and technologists, we're devoted to a culture that cultivates, and work that works.

  • Elle Larsson
    Project Manager

    Elle Larsson

  • Robert Fisher
    Director, Software Development

    Robert Fisher

  • Kelly O’Connor
    Business Development Manager

    Kelly O’Connor

  • Brian Lamb
    Director, User Experience

    Brian Lamb

  • Shannon Bell
    Manager, Front-End Development

    Shannon Bell

  • Kyle Blackman
    User Experience Lead

    Kyle Blackman

  • Scott Albert
    User Experience

    Scott Albert

  • Mark Coulstring
    User Experience Lead

    Mark Coulstring

  • Rustam Kasad
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Rustam Kasad

  • Pauljames Dimitriu
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Pauljames Dimitriu

  • Steve Cornell
    User Experience Lead

    Steve Cornell

  • Shali Fatolahzadeh
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Shali Fatolahzadeh

  • Marc Alringer
    President & CTO

    Marc Alringer

  • Julia Garrido
    Office Manager / HR

    Julia Garrido

  • Daniel Goldstein
    Director, Business Development

    Daniel Goldstein

  • Michael Henke
    Manager, Mobile Development

    Michael Henke

  • Matt Dominguez
    User Experience Lead

    Matt Dominguez

  • Ann McFay
    Project Manager

    Ann McFay

  • David Tello
    Front-End Developer

    David Tello

  • Monty
    Chief Bow Wow


  • Nick McCollum
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Nick McCollum

  • Fausto Ruvalcaba
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Fausto Ruvalcaba

  • Scott O'Brien
    Front-End Developer

    Scott O’Brien

  • Lindsey Sherman
    User Experience Lead

    Lindsey Sherman

  • Darin Dew
    Vice President, Product Quality

    Darin Dew

  • Michael Mistretta
    Sr. Quality Assurance Analyst

    Michael Mistretta

  • Sam Gerardi
    Software Engineer

    Sam Gerardi

  • Lucy
    Director of Barketing


  • Jory Meltzer
    Sr. Software Engineer

    Jory Meltzer

  • Drew Page
    Business Development

    Drew Page

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Everyone that works here has a desire to create amazing user experiences. We spend so much of our life working that we'd best enjoy it.

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