Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  While we, at Seamgen, do love the Black Friday tech deals, showing off our latest apps and tech devices to our relatives is number one.  The obligatory overeating on Thanksgiving is a close second!  Check out these 6 tech devices that will make your Thanksgiving easier and more pleasant.


Foodini by Natural Machines

Tech Devices Foodini

Relatives can be difficult to impress at the Thanksgiving table. Get the conversation rolling with Foodini, the 3D printer designed for food.

This device not only prepares your food for you; it counts the calories prepared as its printing. Right now, Foodini only works with paste-like foods, but this hasn’t stopped it from making this delicious pizza (pictured below).

Tech Devices Foodini Pizza

Foodini may still be in the development phase, but this product is years ahead of many of its competitors. You can sign up for Foodini’s email list here, to make sure your family dinners are 3D printed in the near future.


Smart Baby Monitor by Mimo

Tech Devices Mimo

When there’s a baby in the house, Thanksgiving can be stressful. They cry and wriggle around, and when you put them to bed before dessert, you’re not sure how well they’re actually sleeping.

Mimo’s mission is to make these fears obsolete. Their smart baby monitor is a 100% cotton bodysuit, monitoring your baby’s breathing, body position, temperature, and more.

All the data and audio is sent via Bluetooth to your smart phone so you can relax and enjoy your entire Thanksgiving night. Check out Mimo’s other products at their website here.



Tech Devices LeftoverSwap

We get it. You routinely feel guilty dumping all those tasty morsels in the trash. But hey, your fridge is only so spacious…

With LeftoverSwap, you no longer have to say goodbye to the remains of your delicious meal. This Thanksgiving, take a picture of the leftover food from your Thanksgiving dinner and post it on the LeftoverSwap app. Anyone in your area then has the ability to swing by and pick up your leftovers.

The app lets you set whether you’re willing to give your food away, or if you’d prefer some type of trade or other compensation.  We think it’s a crazy concept, but who are we to judge.



Tech Devices GeniCan

It can be hard for your refrigerator to recover after Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving usually leaves your fridge depleted and unstocked. That post-Thanksgiving shopping trip always takes longer than anticipated.

Bring GeniCan into the picture. This device turns any trash can into a connected device. As you throw out food boxes and packaging, let GeniCan scan the barcode to store your consumption history on your smartphone. For produce items without a barcode, GeniCan records voice memos and sends them to your phone, as well.

No matter how large a meal, GeniCan tracks it all, allowing you to return to the grocery store with knowledge of what you’ve enjoyed in the past. Noticing that GeniCan has recently scanned your massive carton of eggs serves as a reminder to restock this item in your fridge at home.

Check out GeniCan’s website for more information. 



Tech Devices Farmigo

Take a step back and think of all the farmers that work hard to make your Thanksgiving dinners possible. Think of those delicious yams, or painting your turkey with cranberry sauce.

Farmigo is the first, in-depth Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) management software. Okay, you may not know what the ins and outs of this industry are if you’re not a farmer.

In lay-person’s terms, Farmigo is working to create a highly efficient, online farmer’s market. Farmigo directly connects farmers to their consumer base, allowing buyers to customize their orders and farmers to manage their entire business on a tablet or mobile device.

For you, the Thanksgiving consumer, this is a database to find the freshest local food for your dinner table. To learn more about Farmigo, check out their website. 


Electric Carving Knife

Tech Devices Electric Carving Knife

We aren’t sure what expertly carving a turkey proves, but we do know it’s essential to the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. It’s unpleasant watching your crazy uncle hack and fight his way to turkey carving victory.

Fortunately, we now live in the 21st Century. Let’s all sit back, relax, and welcome the electric carving knife to the kitchen. We love Cuisinart’s CEK-40 model, with the stainless steel and the wooden storage block.

On a budget? Amazon even sells a few for under $15. Here’s the link to Cuisinart’s model, pictured above.



What do you think of our list?  We bet you’re saving up for at least one of these now.  If you enjoyed this list of Thanksgiving-inspired tech devices, we’ve got many more lists on our blog.  Here’s three more to get you started:

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