At Seamgen, we use Atlassian JIRA to help us stay organized and manage our projects. Let’s discuss the many reasons why we use JIRA and how it works for us.

JIRA allows for everyone involved in a project to be aware of what is happening at any moment. Team members are assigned issues, tasks, and stories; and can comment on them, contribute any ideas they may have, and resolve them when the work gets completed.

JIRA allows for notifications to be sent out to stakeholders so that they can respond. JIRA has been around since 2002 and has a broad range of clients from likes of Pandora, VIACOM, Intuit, and Cisco.

JIRA Agile has been a big hit with many agile development companies since its introduction many years ago.

JIRA is growing and expanding its tools for its customers. Being that so many different industries use JIRA for service management, it has become easy to customize JIRA to your organization’s particular needs.

There are currently 2,123 Add-ons and counting; some popular ones are ‘ScriptRunner’, ‘Tempo Timesheets’ and ‘Tempo Planner’. With about half of the add-ons being free you are sure to find a tool free of cost to help your company use JIRA to its max. These days companies want all their tools on one platform, and Atlassian provides that for you.

Atlassian has Confluence (Wiki) and HipChat which between the two help your business stay organized, create documents, have group chats and keep the flow of communication moving JIRA is also fully integrated with Bitbucket, SourceTree, and Bamboo so you have at your fingertips a single integrated code and build management system.

At Seamgen, we prefer Atlassian JIRA for our project management needs. Knowing what every team member is responsible for and being able to track their progress is key when it comes to getting our projects out on time and JIRA provides us a system to do just that.