In part 1 of our exploration of the Best Calendar Apps we discussed Cal, Sunrise Calendar, and UpTo. In this part, we will take a look at the last two calendar apps that we use in our office to help with time and task management.

WAVEBest Calendar Apps for Your Mobile Phone Part II Wave

WAVE is an app for people that want a to-do list and a calendar in one single app. The wave comes handy with an array of view modes for its users. The list of different views includes daily, weekly, and monthly lists. The app also syncs with many calendars such as Google, Facebook, and Exchange. A helpful feature that many will find useful is push notifications to wearables like your Apple Watch or Android Wear. The app also allows you to invite people to events straight from the mobile app. You can get weather updates when you put in a location for an event, and the app allows you to add file attachments to events. The other key feature of this app is it’s to do list capabilities. You can quickly create a todo list, and it will show up alongside all your appointments for that day. It can also sync with Google Task which is useful for those who use Google Task on their desktop.

Google CalendarBest Calendar Apps for Your Mobile Phone Part II Google

Google Calendar was only available for Android users for such a long time. However, this beautiful app is now available for iOS as well. The design is sleek and for the desktop users that already use Google calendar, you will feel right at home. The app gives you multiple views; you can choose the day, week, month or the agenda for that particular day. If you are a person, who has multiple calendars you can sync them all to Google calendar. You can also give your calendars different colors so to easily distinguish when looking at the app. Scheduling an event is simple, and you can designate if you want it to go to all your calendars or just a particular schedule of your choice. The app also adds a unique picture of certain events, for instances if you are flying to NYC it will add an image of the NYC skyline to your calendar. If you are someone with many events going on during the week, it can be tricky to tell the different events when you are in weekly mode on the app.

Time and task management are an important part of our daily lives. Our smartphones provide us with many apps to help make our lives easier. We hope that you find an app that works best for you, and if you have any questions, let Seamgen know!