Managing our busy lives is crucial to success, yet many of us struggle with this important task. Making a schedule is helpful and an excellent way to prioritize tasks. Our phones can provide us with many apps that are useful for time and task management. Choosing the right calendar app can be complicated and take up precious time in your day. That is why we have put together this two-part blog on the five best calendar apps we like to use here at Seamgen. These calendar apps are available on both Android and iOS free and should help you with your time management.

CalBest Calendar Apps for your Mobile Phone Pt. 1 Cal

If you have used the App ‘’ then you will enjoy Cal. The makers of have brought us an
App that allows us to manage our appointments and to-do list all in the same app. The design of the app is simple but sleek. The colorful backgrounds add spice to your calendar and make it visually appealing. Creating an event is simple, with the app trying to add contact info, location, and guest all from the name of the event. The app also allows you to sync your to-do list from, so you can stay on task. The best part of the app is the daily agenda which shows all your to-dos, appointments, and meetings for that day. The app launches to the current day and unlike other calendar apps, it list your agenda in chronological order. A downside for some may be the monthly view for the Cal app. It is hard to see how many events you have or what time the events are in the monthly view. There currently is no weekly view that is a letdown, since the monthly view is not very informative.


Sunrise CalendarBest Calendar Apps for your Mobile Phone Pt. 1 Sunrise

The Sunrise Calendar app is a fun packed app that has a clean visual design and a generous list of features to help you get and stay organized. The design is smooth, yet adds a flare with a few specialized icons that help you identify certain events. The app picks up on your keywords and does its best to apply an icon to your event. For example, if you go to the “dentist” it will show a tooth, “drinks” will show a martini glass, and “lunch” will show a fork and knife. A bonus of Sunrise is its sync ability across many other calendars such as Google Calendar, iCloud, and Exchange. It offers location-based weather forecasts for your events that are always helpful for business trips. It also has integration with a variety of other services, such as Evernote, TripIt, and many more. Like Cal, Sunrise has a minimal, clutter-free look. The app’s main view shows you a list of your upcoming events in the next week. It has a minimized month view at the top, but the month view does not show you any events and is not very helpful. The apps week view shows you the next three days and like many other calendar apps, the times for events are colored so you can distinguish between events.


UpTo is a fun calendar that lets you separate your work and personal life. UpTo’s main draw is its two layer calendar system; it allows you to switch between a work calendar and your calendar. Your calendar is filled with local events, concerts, TV Shows and many other things you may find interesting. It allows you to follow other calendars and automatically syncs them to your personal calendar. You can easily share your events or a whole calendar with family and friends. UpTo provides you with a full month view on the top and then displays your events for that day below. It also has a more useful weekly view that is good for people who may have many appointments on any given day.

In part two of this blog, we will provide you with a two more helpful calendar apps that we use here at Seamgen. Have any questions or need help building your next application? Let Seamgen know!