January not only marks the start of a new year but a fresh start on all the various aspects of our lives we wish to improve. Countless people sit down and actually write out an entire list of all the things they plan on doing better for the rest of the year. Even if you don’t take the time to write something down, chances are you’ve thought of a handful of new years resolutions you wish to accomplish.

Unfortunately, most of us never make it past a few months with these resolutions. According to research by the University of Scranton, only 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Years Resolutions. The odds are completely stacked against you. However, the good news is that with the help of a few mobile applications, sticking to your guns and following through with those new years resolutions has never been easier. To help you do this, we have put together a list of the top 3 new years resolutions in America and 3 coinciding cool mobile apps that will help you achieve these goals with ease.

Losing Weight with My Fitness Pal

Losing weight is the number one new years resolution goal in America. You go to the gym in January and it’s packed with new faces that are bright eyed and eager to get in shape. But you know the deal, in 6-8 weeks from now you will never see half of these people again. Or perhaps they will never see you. The problem is people expect results instantly, and when they don’t see change right away it’s very hard to stay motivated. Americans are known across the globe for being extremely busy and overworked. It can be a challenge to find the time in the day to stop what you are doing and go exercise.

The other key component to losing weight is dieting and maintaining proper nutrition. The problem is there are so many misconceptions around what is healthy and what isn’t, and it seems like there is a new fad diet every day. Although it’s a known fact that if we consume less calories then we burn, we will lose weight, remembering exactly what it is we consumed and all of the other factors that go into having proper nutrition can be quite cumbersome.

So here is where My Fitness Pal comes in to play. My Fitness Pal, a completely free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, allows the user to log meals extremely quickly through a searchable food database of over 3,619,000 items. The ease of this tool makes it much more likely for you to stay on track with your nutrition and weight loss goals. You can also track the frequency of your cardiovascular and strength exercises.

The setup of this application is also extremely easy. You plug in your weight, sex, age, activity level and goal weight and it will set you up with a recommended calorie intake that is personalized for you. The best part is it tracks your progress from day one so even if you don’t see results in the mirror, you have tangible metrics showing real improvements daily.

Get Organized with WunderList

The second most common new years resolution amongst Americans is to get more organized and stay that way throughout the year. This is not an easy task for someone with a busy schedule. Wunderlist is a cool mobile app that was created to help you manage your daily task lists so that you can actually get things done. One of the things we love about this app is you can use it for both business and personal tasks. It has a very user-friendly interface that lets you track everything from cleaning your house to long-term travel plans. In the professional version you also have the ability to assign tasks to other accounts and share files. You can download it for free on iPhoneiPadMacWindowsAndroidKindle Fire and the Web.

Spend Less and Save More with Check

Regardless of your financial situation, spending less money and saving more is the common consensus. However, wasting money on financial fees is an easy thing to do. A lot of people have multiple credit cards, bills and accounts to keep track of. It’s not an easy task remembering to pay multiple different student loan bills, your cell phone bill, utilities, credit cards etc. all on time. If you miss payments you can end up throwing a way countless dollars on late fees and interest. Check (formerly PageOnce) helps eliminate this issue. Here is how it works:

The check app allows you to sync up all of your online billing and banking accounts into one centralized location. When your bills are due, or your bank funds are low, Check will notify you via email so you never forget to pay your bill on time again nor suffer from overdraft charges. You also can pay all your bills right from the app, which eliminates the hassle of logging in and out of multiple accounts. Lastly, Check tracks how you spend your money in a report, giving you a graphical representation of your monetary allocation, making it easy to see where you should scale back or how well you are budgeting.