Here at Seamgen, we are passionate about bringing mobile app ideas to fruition. We’ve seen hundreds of companies release apps recently, and have curated a selection of 7 awesome, custom apps released in November.

1) Flipp (iPhone, Android)


This one is a special addition to our list with the winter holidays just around the corner. We know you all recently survived the Black Friday battlefield last week, but we’re guessing you weren’t aware of Flipp…

Flipp is the shopping app that lets you in on the all the best holiday deals. Its search engine narrows down suggestions to all the stores in your nearby area.

Furthermore, this app allows users to view new coupons with just the touch of a finger. Other features include a customizable shopping list, coupon & loyalty card synchronization, and search filters.

Keep up with Flipp and their updates by visiting the app store or their website here.

2) CreativeLive (iPhone, Android)

custom apps creative live

Want to become more tech-savvy but lack the time and/or money for courses?

This free app lets users access a 600+ video library full of tutorials and courses from a variety of topics. Each video is created or live streamed by professionals in the field.

Course topics are available for photography, crafts, music, and more.

Additionally, CreativeLive allows a community of teachers to answer students’ questions during live stream sessions.

For more, check out CreativeLive’s website here.

3) Graava (iPhone, Android)

custom apps graava
Anyone who has ever edited a video knows how long and daunting the entire process can be. Graava makes video editing easy by simplifying the process down to three easy steps:

Step 1) Select your video/photo
Step 2) Select the background music
Step 3) Select the final length of the video

However, if you want to get down to the nitty gritty details, the app allows users to further customize their video with other features such as cropping, subtitles, highlight moments, and more.

Check out their website for the latest updates!

4) Prisma (iPhone, Android)

custom apps prisma

With Prisma, you can turn your pictures into pieces of art using only your phone. Prisma accomplishes this by using filters reminiscent of famous artists across time. Styles from Picasso, Munk, and many more are featured on this app. With the use of artificial intelligence, turn your pictures into timeless pieces of art.

Check out art pieces created by the community on Prisma’s Instagram page. If you want to share your photos, use their app and/or #Prisma.

For more information and content visit their website.

5) Hardbound (iPhone, Android)

Knowledge is power; why not learn something new every day? Become the most interesting person in the room with Hardbound. Every week the app posts brand new content teaching you something new about the world. Additionally, there is a “Stuff We Love” section updated daily by the team, allowing us into their content inspirations.

Hardbound Patron is their paid service, allowing users full access to the entire catalogue of stories, as well as a monthly, patron-only newsletter and “mystery boxes” for the “Stuff We Love” section.

Be sure to check out additional content by going to their website.

6) TouchRetouch (iPhone, Android)

TouchRetouch allows users to remove unwanted content from their photos with ease. Photo bombers, telephone lines, and blemishes are just a few things TouchRetouch is designed to eliminate.

Use the one-touch repair to easily remove small items from your photos; simply draw over them with your finger. For more complex problems, use the Lasso or Brush tool to outline and retouch your pictures. But don’t worry, all of their tools are explained with the in-app tutorial video.
For more app examples, stop by their website.

7) Paper Planes (Android exclusive)

Custom Apps Paper Planes

Paper Planes works to connect worldwide users through paper airplanes.

Step 1) “Stamp” your current location on a piece of paper and fold it into a plane.
Step 2) Holding your phone, perform an actual throwing motion to toss your plane into Paper Planes’ virtual world.

Users may also catch other planes to see where they are from and leave a stamp from where it was caught. The world becomes a much smaller place with Paper Planes!

Trace your plane and see where it is traveling here.

If you want to know more about the app, check out this article.

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