Improving developmental workflow at any company can be a challenging process to undertake; however, the benefits of a well thought out workflow plan are many. Apparently a good plan will improve productivity, but it can also better align your staff with project expectations. Improving your workflow impacts your business by reducing money and time spent, and allowing your team to focus on the project. Below are a few ways we at Seamgen keep our workflow moving in the right direction.

Communication is Key

Gaps in communication cause significant disruptions to productive workflows. Poor communication can lead to costly mistakes that set back projects and upset clients. When it comes to communication face-to-face has always been best, but when we cannot sit down and meet we use Slack. Slack allows us to ask questions, get quick responses, share files, images and keeps a history of conversations. All of those task can be done without ever having to leave our comfy office chairs. There are other communication tools such as Gchat and Skype for business, but no matter what you decide to use know that communication is the foundation for proper workflow

Problems, Problems, Problems

Problems will arise along the way of any project. Thinking ahead about potential pitfalls can help keep the workflow moving. Waiting until a problem occurs during the development phase can cause significant delays for the project. Working with the clients closely to address any questions before development has started helps to reduce problems. With a complex app, you will still have problems, but proper planning can minimize them.

Agile all the Way

Here at Seamgen, we practice the Agile methodology. Agile helps organize goals in a flexible way, allowing you to change course quickly along the way. Agile breaks the work into sprints, allowing the team to focus on just a portion of the work. At the beginning of each sprint, the product owner identifies the most important tasks, and the team commits to how much work can be done. This keeps everyone accountable and allows the app to evolve as new information comes in.Estimating how long a project will take is one of the most difficult things to do. Delays can be a companies worst nightmare, with both direct costs and opportunity costs. Working within sprints allows the product owner to re-prioritize goals and react to a project that has fallen behind.

Code Review

When you write a blog or essay, you have proofreaders who check your grammar and make suggestions about what you could improve in your writing. Well, code review is proofreading for developers. Code review at Seamgen is done by peers and the idea is to help identify bugs early on, ensure that the coding standards are meet and make the code as clean as possible. For Junior developers it allows for them to gain valuable feedback from their peers and help improve their skills.

At the center of everything is communication. Communication allows us to help build relationships between co-workers and with your clients. Improving your development workflow will help save you time and ultimately money. If you have any questions or what to learn more, Contact Seamgen!