Tis the season to give thanks!

If we could invite mobile apps to our Thanksgiving dinner table, these would be the first to get invited. We’re so thankful for these apps because they make our lives a whole lot easier.

  1. Google Maps/Waze

We’ll kick things off with Google Maps. The King of navigation. The Ruler of directions. And the Master of adventures. We can all say thanks to Google Maps for all the money it has saved us in gas and all the times it has saved us from getting lost. The ability to download maps for offline use has even saved our butts in those places where there is no internet connectivity. We have become so accustomed to letting Google guide us from point A to point B, that reading a printed map seems like such a far-fetched idea.

Honorable mentions: Apple Maps

man holding phone with google map directions

  1. Venmo

I.O.Us are officially a thing of the past thanks to Venmo, a digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends. Now we have the ability to transfer money to each other instantly. It’s no wonder this app gained popularity quickly; its simple interface makes paying people easy, fast, and secure. 

Honorable mentions: Paypal

  1. TV Remote

We have all been there, we go to watch TV and the remote is nowhere to be found. Next thing we know we’re digging under couch cushions discovering coins from the 18th century trying to find the misplaced remote. Well, thanks to the TV remote app, you can seamlessly link your Smart TV to the app over Wifi. You’ll never have to look for that misplaced remote again.

  1. Shazam

That frustrating moment of wondering “what song is this” doesn’t happen anymore. Shazam allows you to identify the media playing around you, explore the music you love, and discover song lyrics from your favorite artists. Shazam has officially eliminated the awkward moment of trying to sing a song that you only know half the lyrics to. And so you never forget that song again, Shazam will log the song you identified so you can bring it up later.

  1. Uber/Lyft

These apps have transformed the way we move around town or travel in foreign countries. They have also saved us all from being the DD (designated driver) on those fun nights out. Waiting in long cab lines at the airport is now unheard of. The apps allow us to schedule a pickup time as soon as our flight lands. Making transportation easy to access, affordable, and convenient is something we can all be thankful for.

Honorable mentions: Bird and Lime electric scooters

phone mounted on car dash showing directions

  1. MyFitnessApp

Although we won’t be using this app as we endure the Thanksgiving day food coma, it deserves some credit for keeping us healthy (mostly) every other day. The app has the ability to recommend calorie intake and exercise routines based on your health goals. This app will be especially helpful after we put on a couple of pounds during the holiday season.

  1. Yelp

Thanks to Yelp you can find a place to grab a bite or find the local hotspots in a city you’ve never been to. Time flies when you’re using Yelp! You’ll be mesmerized by the photos of tasty dishes and making a decision may take longer than your actual lunch visit. Additionally, the abundance of reviews ensures you make a good decision.

people sitting at a rustic restaurant

  1. LetGo

Let’s face it CraigsList’s user interface hasn’t been updated since the site went live in 1995. The “classic” style makes the products look like they were listed in the mid-90s. Thanks to LetGo, you have an updated interface with higher quality images. You also don’t have to worry as much about the Craigslist creeps since you can use the in-app messenger rather than giving away your personal information. LetGo’s modernized buying and selling experience creates a sense of trust and reliability.

Honorable mentions: Offer Up

  1. WhatsApp

Traveling to different countries is great, especially if you make some new friends or visit family. But keeping in touch with friends and family can become costly through phone service providers. With WhatsApp, you can easily stay in touch at no cost. No international data rates apply.

  1. Expensify

Expensify has eliminated the pile of receipts that used to accumulate in our wallets over time. We can now log and organize our receipts for reimbursement or tax write-offs on our phones. Making life a lot easier when you’re trying to find that expensive client lunch receipt from a week ago.

We often take things for granted, but Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect and think about all the things that we’re truly thankful for. Amongst many other things, we’re incredibly thankful for these 10 mobile apps. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!