We are hiring mobile developers and web developers to join the Seamgen team in downtown San Diego.

We are a fast-paced, agile company, with a wide variety of current projects. Here at Seamgen, we stay at the forefront of mobile and web development, thanks to our excellent team.

President & CEO, Marc Alringer, stated “Of course I’m happy when we expand our team. I’m excited for the direction we continue to go in and for our many upcoming projects. With Seamgen growing, I want to ensure that our new developers are not just qualified, but the right fit for the company culture.”

Seamgen works with a variety of great clients like Kia, Comic-Con, Blast Motion, and Capital One.  We are always expanding our company to include more exciting and fascinating connected devices, along with our work with fast growth startups.

Hiring Mobile Developers

Preserving the culture that comes along with a smaller, private company helps keep everyone motivated and satisfied each day at work.

Check out our mobile and web developer qualifications, along with the amazing benefits Seamgen offers at http://www.seamgen.com/team