The first thing people think of when the word “startup”is mentioned is a group of three people huddle around in a garage somewhere in Silicon Valley trying to make some crazy idea into reality. Even the hit HBO show Silicon Valley is structured around this idea. The word “startup” encompasses so much more than this image. With each passing day it is referring to a growing entrepreneurial spirit that is spreading across the world. What companies from small firms to large corporations fail to realize is they could also benefit from having employees with a startup mentality.

What exactly is a startup mentality? 

A startup mentality consists of many different components from innovation to passion driven. A person with this mentality believes anything is possible and is ready for anything that is thrown their way.

Spontaneity within the Work-Life

An important thing for anyone with a the startup mentality is the ability to embrace change. Most corporations have daily routines of employees just going through the motions, but by doing this its stints productivity and creativeness.

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Thanks to the growth of telecommunications, it makes it easy for any company to embrace change and spontaneity as communications become more seamless. It gives the people the ability to work wherever they are and the opportunity to always stay in the loop.

Valuing the Startup Individual

No one wants to feel like they are just another cog in the wheel. Startups are leading the way to valuing the individual worker. Studies have shown that when employees feel valued it increases both profitability and productivity.

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It’s not always easy to accomplish this, but there are some common practices that can be used by any sized company. One of the most important ways to valuing the individual is by showing appreciation. This can be done in a variety of ways from giving them a bonus to just showing them that you are listening and communicating throughout the organization.

Openness to Mistakes & Feedback

A common way for a corporation to show open communication is to be open when it comes to mistakes. We are all human and are all bound to make mistakes, and using them as a learning experience, helps your employees become better in what they do.

It is also important to hold them accountable for mistakes. A great way for any organization to do this is to provide positive and constructive feedback on how your employees are performing.

Purpose & Passion Driven

The most important thing for a startup mentality is to find passion in the work that one does. Startups have some of the most purpose-driven workers because they are believing in what they do.

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Corporations at every level could benefit from an employee that believes in what they are doing. Typically these workers work longer hours and are more passionate about the future and direction of the company.

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