User experience

What is UX?

User experience (UX) emphasizes all aspects of a company's interactions with an end user. When it comes to UX design, you need an expert company that understands the user's perspective. Otherwise, you risk launching an application that fails to engage your target audience. Thanks to Seamgen, you can optimize UX across every field and screen. We use proven best practices to ensure your app's UX design accommodates your end users.

A true UX company

Delivering a consistent UX across mobile devices and websites is no easy task. Lucky for you, there's Seamgen. Our single UX design structure emphasizes delivering exceptional user experiences across all devices and platforms. This structure makes it easy for us to scale UX design and development across smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Plus, we use Axure, InVision, and other state-of-the-art tools to review designs, analyze user flows, and get a better idea about how the final experience will look. The end result? We provide user experiences that go beyond pretty screens; in fact, we deliver experiences that exceed user expectations.

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Research and strategy

User-centric design

Two of our user experience experts working on a project

Users now expect to be able to access their applications on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. It’s no longer enough to focus on just one platform. Our team of designers specializes in shaping the user experience from the perspective of a single design structure working across multiple devices. This structure serves as the foundation and allows the design and development to scale across multiple devices and platforms.

We work with you to truly understand who your user is and what their specific needs are before design is started. After all, user experience design is not simply about designing pretty screens and developing them; it’s about the best experience possible for the user.

Agile delivery

Rapid & lean

In our experience, the best ideas and directions come from hard work through an iterative design process. Working collaboratively with our clients we define an initial set of goals and features that support the overall vision for the product. Focus and collaboration between both of our teams yield speedy results.

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Pixel perfect

Attention to detail

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Every project that we work on goes through a rigorous and collaborative process. Designers and developers work closely with clients and stakeholders to engineer a solution within timeline & budget. We emphasize the needs of the user with a focus on the details that make for an intuitive experience. More than just pretty pictures, everything that we produce is vetted to be technically sound and accurate, so that our designs are as close as possible to what actually gets developed.

Iterative design process

We understand the value of collaboration, and our iterative design process plays a key role in our ability to deliver positive user experiences. We'll work with you to define UX goals and features, as well as establish an overall vision for your app. Our team and yours will work together as a collaborative unit. By doing so, we'll produce an app that is technically sound, accurate, and, perhaps most important, provides intuitive user experiences.

To better understand our iterative design process, let's consider an example. Dreamworld, Australia's largest theme park, is one of many clients to reap the benefits of our iterative design process. We used Xamarin in conjunction with Oracle Cloud to deliver the highest-quality app experience for iOS and Android users. Now, the Dreamworld app allows theme park visitors to plan their trip with just a simple swipe.

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Importance of UX design

How users connect with your brand can have far-flung effects on your business. If your company prioritizes UX design, you should have no trouble delivering outstanding experiences across multiple devices and platforms. These experiences will help your brand build customer loyalty and retention, as well as drive revenue growth and lead generation. Additionally, great user experiences will set your brand apart from the competition – something that is exceedingly important in a fierce global marketplace.

With Seamgen at your side, you can transform UX into a competitive differentiator for your business. Our UX design expertise is unparalleled, and our team knows what separates an ordinary experience from a great one. Therefore, our team will work with you to help you take your user experiences to new heights.

Why Seamgen?

Seamgen is committed to solving user problems, and we build apps based on usability best practices. Our approach enables us to collaborate with clients and find innovative solutions to complex UX design problems. To find out more about our UX design services, please contact us today.

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