Consumers are always looking for the next best thing. In order to increase your consumer retention rate it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your application. Spring is approaching and you don’t want your app to get tossed out with the old and replaced with a new and improved app, do you?

The first step to increase your consumer retention rate is to put your mobile or web application through a User Experience Diagnostic (UED). This diagnostic will reveal what makes your app appealing to users, and more importantly what is giving your user the urge to hit delete when doing a little spring cleaning on their mobile. Keep in mind this is not a User Test. Although it has similar benefits, it is a fraction of the cost and if you are holding yourself to a budget this year then a UED might be the perfect solution for your business.

So, what is a User Experience Diagnostic?

A User Experience Diagnostic is an internal tool utilized by Seamgen, to assess the effectiveness of an application (or website) by having our experts assess the design against established principals in cognitive science, human factors, business marketing and visual communication. In each UED our experts examine the existing application to judge its compliance with recognized best practices and/or principles (the “heuristics”) from the perspective of a usability engineer and business strategist.

In order to increase effectiveness of the insights provided by a UED, we will often center our insights on potential or plausible usage scenarios and organizational objectives. In other words, we take a look at your application solely from a user perspective, given any situation, and we dissect how your application would be perceived. This gives you crucial insight into the mind of the consumer and shows you the potential ways in which they will interact with your application. No matter how ‘cool’ the concept of your application might be, if the user experience is poor than it’s a guarantee your retention rates will be low.

Find out how to better understand your user and boost your consumer rates with a User Experience Diagnostic performed by the experts at Seamgen. Purchase a User Experience Diagnostic by contacting us today!