What Is User Experience?

User Experience—or UX—refers to how the user feels when they interact with your digital product. A good UX is intuitive, accessible, and pleasurable. A bad user experience is clunky, frustrating, and difficult. Even if your user interface is beautiful, if your site does not flow well and fails to provide what the user wants, their experience will be lacking. That’s why it’s important to strive for a seamless user experience on your app or website.

desktop computer showing designs

During the design process, it’s important to be keenly aware of what your user will experience when using your product. Interacting with your brand in this way should not be a chore—it should flow effortlessly. A designer has to be tuned in to the first impression the user will have. Beyond just being accessible and easy-to-use, your site or app has to be functional. It should contain what the user expects to see, or even exceed those expectations. A positive user experience instills a sense of connection, trust, and reliability between the user and your brand.

User Experience Trends Of 2018

The field of UX is constantly evolving, and it’s important to repeatedly ask ourselves, “What is the user experience we are providing?”. Users are becoming more and more demanding of the apps and sites they interact with—it’s essential to deliver a positive experience at every step of the way. Let’s take a look at some of the user experience trends of 2018:

  • Personalized User Experience means that you deliver an experience customized to the specific needs and preferences of your user. This approach can range anywhere from having different landing pages for different client types (i.e., business and personal) to having a unique experience for each individual user (think Spotify’s personalized playlists). When the user feels personally involved, they are more apt to deeply connect with your brand.
  • Time-saving features are essential to keeping a user engaged with your product. The user should find what they’re looking for within a matter of seconds. The trick is to balance time-saving features—which can quickly turn into clutter in the form of shortcut buttons—with a spacious aesthetic feel. It’s about balancing efficiency with aesthetic beauty. When your app is effortless and pleasurable to use, this balance has been struck.
  • Minimizing distractions helps users stay focused on the essence of your brand. It’s crucial to keep the user’s attention engaged, but this can be done in a subtle way, not over-the-top flashiness. Avoid prompting the users for things that are irrelevant to their desired outcome. Help them keep their eyes on the prize.

phone and computer screen showing the same internet page

In today’s modern mobile environment, it’s essential to have a seamless user experience. Users have come to expect ease-of-use and flow in the digital products they interact with. Intuition is the driving force behind a positive user experience—your app or website should unfold naturally without imposing a sense of effort onto the user. Similar to how someone may craft their view of a company based on a customer service experience, your app or website user experience can determine the perception of your brand as a whole. This is why it’s essential to work with an experienced UX design team.

Seamgen works to truly understand your business needs and your users in order to craft the most positive user experience possible. Our proven model for user experience design means that users will be able to interact with your brand in a seamless way while eliminating some of the roadblocks between your product and the user. When you combine vision, creativity, and experience, you get Seamgen. Contact us today, hello@seamgen.com.