User Experience and you

By now everyone has heard the buzz about user experience, and if you’re planning the web or mobile application, you’ve heard about the importance of good UX. So you know you need it, but what is user experience, exactly? And how do you get it?

User-Centric Design

The concepts that make up modern UX theory began with the idea of user-centric design. User-centric design centered on the goal of breaking the barriers between the computer and the user. User-centric design starts with the realization that it can be difficult to get users to interact intuitively with applications and that the lack of intuitive interaction leads to difficulty and frustration.

The user-centric design makes the user of the product its top priority, within the context of the business’s strategy. The aim is to improve the user’s experience with the application. This model of design has become the foundation of what UX is today.

Early UX designers figured out that by knowing what it was that the user expected they were able to provide an intuitive way for them to do it. This helped the business lead the user to do what the company hoped they would do. Good usability can be seen through an increase in key performance indicators such as revenue, referrals, retention, or any of a number of interactions with the product.

What is User Experience 1To better understand the user, today UX includes information architecture, interaction design, and psychology (such as word selection and grouping, or structuring of objects), that helps us better understand the types of users and the journeys they go through when interacting with an application or a website. Combining this understanding of the user with visual design completes the story of the user’s interaction with the application, giving them the best possible experience.

UX is User Experience

That is what it’s all about. UX is a conscious, considerate design process with the goal to make it easy and pleasant for the user to interact with a business’s product. We can say that an app can have “good UX”, because it presents an intuitive and easy to understand experience for its users. Successful user experiences are thoughtfully and deliberately created following a measurable process. The process of arriving at a successful experience is nearly as important as the experience itself, but we’ll get more into this process itself in part 2 of our discussion about UX. Have any questions or need help building your next application? Let Seamgen know!