Website redesignAn obvious reason to redesign your website is if your site does not work. Now your site may not be to the level of actually not working, but you could have broken links; which can also negatively affect your SEO and pages that take forever to load. If you haven’t made any updates to your website, then chances are you are your site may not look or act as you expect on a modern browser.>Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other Internet browsers are always making improvements and if your website is not up to date with the browsers changes you could be losing customers.

In previous blogs, we discussed the importance of having a mobile-friendly internet site. Mobile users make up a high volume of users, and they should enjoy the same user experience as desktop users. If a user has a bad experience, chances are they will not return to your page and will not buy your service or product. Most companies can not afford to lose out on those types of opportunities. With a little investment in redesigning your website to be more responsive, you could significantly increase your earnings.

Business plans can change, and the focus of your company will follow your new plans. For example: What if a user comes to your site and sees a description of services that are no longer a core part of your business? It can be confusing to users if your current business strategy is not clearly stated on your website. Technology is ever changing, and the businesses that keep up with technology and incorporate new technologies into their services or products will thrive. Having your website reflect your new business model will let potential clients know that you take your work seriously and will do the same for them.

The importance of having a redesigned and up to date website is well worth your investment. Keeping up to date with the latest design and technology trends can keep customers coming back for more. Providing mobile users with the same great experience, they would have if they were on a desktop is key. A small investment in redesigning your website has the potential to be very profitable for your business. Need help with redesigning your website? Contact Seamgen!